Wednesday, 20 January 2010

2000 Melanie C: I Turn To You

From Hip Hop to Techno, Mel is nothing if not versatile, but while it worked fine sparring with Lisa Lopes on 'Never Be The Same Again', the relentless dance prance of 'I Turn To You' renders her thin vocal as overwhelmed as Jimmy Somerville fronting Led Zeppelin; the halting stutter of "I. Turn. To You." provides the space for the hammer swing to deliver the crack of the chorus, but Mel is caught up in its slipstream rather than riding it. The early nineties retro feel of the tune doesn't help with the sparkle either, but at the risk of sounding unduly negative, I can say that Mel's strained fragility adds a human touch and charm to what might otherwise have been robotic and rote. Couple that with 'I Turn To You's natural vivacity and I'm happy to call this a draw.

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