Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2000 Geri Halliwell: Bag It Up

Third appearance for Halliwell and it's a mash up of sorts where Ottawan meets Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation somewhere south of the Latin border in a mix that's blended with all the subtlety of an elephant stepping on a fully laden cheeseboard. 'Bag It Up' is a mid-tempo dance frug that struggles to impose much of anything really, and in trying to flip between sultry and poppy, Geri and her one way traffic vocal dexterity misses both the target and the barn door it's standing in front of. To be fair, 'Bag It Up's campy hokum based around gender/sexual (in)compatibility never aims for high art, but my problem is that there's a nagging familiarity about it all that its shifting business stops me putting my finger on. And the fact that I'm more interested in trying to identify from where the component parts have been lifted rather than listening to the song itself is testament to its throwaway blandness.

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