Monday, 4 January 2010

2000 Chicane featuring Bryan Adams: Don't Give Up

What would ordinarily be standard trance from British act Chicane is at a stroke made notable by its guest vocalist - yes, that is Bryan Adams of Canadian soft rock fame and not some namesake. You wouldn't notice mind; Adams' vocal is strangled through a vocoder meaning this isn't like (for example) John Lydon's own dance collaboration with Leftfield on 'Open Up' where he stamps his presence all over in very thick ink; if you didn't 'know' it was Adams then you'd probably never have guessed. Which makes this a kind of anti-novelty track I guess - putting Adams and his check shirt on the cover of a dance single would probably have been a step too far for dance fans whereas Adams' own fanbase is not going to get much out of this. Because as I say, the track beneath is nothing I haven't heard a hundred times before or a hundred times since. Not 'bad' within its genre, just ordinary, and when Bryan Adams is your main point of interest then something is seriously amiss.

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