Tuesday, 19 January 2010

2000 Craig David: 7 Days

Ever the charmer, Mr David is at it again and this time it seems he can't walk out his own front door without bumping into a random babe with a hot bod and then wooing her into bed with Moet.* Yes, '7 Days' is another slick as you like R&B gambol through David's personal life set out in the mind numbing detail of a professional Tweeter convinced the world is interested in the minutiae of his life. "On my way to see my friends who lived a couple blocks away from me, as I walked through the subway it must have been about quarter past three" - Craig spares no details in revealing exactly what he gets up to; if he says he was chilling on Sunday then you'd better believe that's what he was doing, but it's the complete lack of self awareness or warmth in the telling that grates like sandpaper on skin. David is teeth grindingly sincere in all this and on that level '7 Days' is insular in the extreme, giving nothing of itself save a shameless, self satisfied smugness that pours its own cold shower over what set itself up as seductive and leaves me genuinely baffled as to why anybody should care about him, "this girl' and how she'd "love to unfold me all night long". Wonder what his mother makes of it?

* Though an incredibly dry precis of the song on Wikipedia believes that he took her out for a pint of mild. I have no idea if this summary is the result of someone's subversive sarcasm or the work of the genuinely deluded, but it doesn't matter; it makes me laugh either way.

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