Sunday, 10 January 2010

2000 Black Legend: You See The Trouble With Me

Another song on it's second go round, 'You See The Trouble With Me' was a number 2 hit in 1976 for Barry White now given a tribal house make-over by Italian DJs Enrico Ferrari and Ciro Sasso. It would have been nice to say that it's nice to see Barry back at number one again, but I can't - although the original version of this mix sampled his vocal directly, White was miffed at the non-prior clearance before they used his recording and all copies were withdrawn. This hit version uses a soundalike in the form of Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell who does a credible job of filling the big man's shoes, but not having the actual Barry White up front somewhat diminishes any appeal this might have had, along with most of the point. Truth be told, White's vocal was more or less the only thing to carry over from the loverman soul of the original and the shifting house beats swamp the seduction with force enough to give any would be paramour a headache for the night, which would be the last thing Barry would want. No wonder he was pissed. I'm not terribly impressed myself; neither remix nor mash-up with a Barry White impersonator guesting on someone else's tune reduces it to a halfway house built on novelty. And that's not something I'm ever going to get excited about.

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