Thursday, 11 February 2010

2001 S Club 7: Have You Ever

From the power pop of 'Keep On Movin', S Club 7 wipe the smiles off their faces again for an earnest Cathy Dennis ballad of love gone astray. Dennis is usually reliable in her output and true to form 'Have You Ever' is a mature outing that wouldn't be out of place spilling from the mouth of a Celine or a Whitney. Which isn't really what you buy S Club 7 singles for, but Jo O'Meara handles lead vocal duty and the wordy lyric with power to spare and the self assurance of one glad of the opportunity to flex her muscles. Pity then that the ensemble vocal arrangement divides and lessens the "I" and "me" lyrical impact of what is essentially a first person outing and as surprisingly enjoyable as 'Have You Ever' is, it would have been moreso as a solo effort.

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