Saturday, 6 February 2010

2001 DJ Ötzi: Hey Baby

Another cover version, 'Hey Baby' was first made famous as a Frank Ifield yodel light one hit wonder by country singer Bruce Channel in 1961. Austrian DJ Ötzi gifts it with no great dance reconstruction/deconstruction and instead simply pastes a Eurobeat bump update with added schlager oohm pah over the bare bones of the original. In fact, his biggest contribution some Teutonic 'rapping' and a set of 'Kung Fu Fighting' "uhh ahh"s in-between the chorus to maximise audience participation down at the fun pub. As remixes go it's quite the bluntest in the box, a flat edged knees up of jaded monotony where every sharp edge is dulled by its predictability until those "uhh ahh"s become the be all and end all focal point around which the whole song hinges, a repetitive smack from the stupid stick that makes Bob's re-imagining of 'Mambo Number 5' seem as innovative as Glenn Gould playing Bach. Stick this on a continuous loop with Black Lace's 'I Am The Music Man' and you have a soundtrack to the circle of hell that Dante didn't have the courage to write about - the one reserved for those who practice forced jollity on a Saturday night. May they all burn together.

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