Friday, 5 February 2010

2001 Five: Let's Dance

No, not another eighties cover - this 'Let's Dance' is an original. I don't know if Five saw the writing on the wall career wise (there would only be one more single after this), but 'Let's Dance' has a last throw of the dice, everything but the kitchen sink feel about it. Busy to the point of hysteria, 'Let's Dance' takes in Euro House, Chic inspired seventies disco, bubblegum pop and hip hop in a game of musical pass the parcel that picks them up, puts them down and never settles on a single theme other than busy. Such an eclectic pick and mix could have been as messy as a fast lane car crash so it's to the credit of the production team and writers that the component parts bleed into each other seamlessly rather than grate and the centre always holds good - or rather, good to a point; 'Let's Dance' is a dry stroll around Madam Tussaud's where only the most truly deluded would believe they were meeting the real thing(s). Fake? That's probably being too harsh; not genuine certainly, but saying that, 'Let's Dance' is by far the most agreeable of Five's trio of number ones, largely through its exuberance, but also through its bare faced cheek in trying to please as wide an audience as possible.

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