Thursday, 4 February 2010

2001 DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremonies: Do You Really Like It?

Another one hit wonder from the UK garage scene, 'Do You Really Like It?' neatly clefts itself in two between the standard, self promoting braggadocio of the two step rhythm that makes up its core, and the "Do you really like it, is it is it wicked" bridging sections that top and tail it. Which to be honest are the 'bits' that you're probably going to recognise to the exclusion of everything else. And I think, just like the TV samples on the previous 'Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)' entry, it provides the in-built gimmick that sells the tune to a wider audience who might otherwise find the genre impenetrable. So regardless of any serious intent it may have, I find I can't take 'Do You Really Like It?' on any level other than the novelty, a view re-affirmed by the fact that those "We're loving' it, lovin' it, lovin' it" chants always remind me of Joy Sarney's 1977 hit 'Naughty Naughty Naughty'. Which is hardly a firm basis for taking anything seriously is it?

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