Friday, 5 February 2010

2001 Bob The Builder: Mambo Number 5

It's rare for a children's television show to spawn two number one singles, so kudos to Bob The Builder for being the first (in the UK anyway). The title says it all really - 'Mambo Number 5' is a parody of Lou Begba's 1999 interpretation of the dance tune, albeit with 'Bobified' lyrics. Thus, Begba's "A little bit of Monica (etc) in my life" becomes "A little bit of timber and a saw, a little bit of fixing that's for sure. A little bit of digging up the road, a little bit of moving heavy load" litany of industry tasks that Bob is only too willing to carry out. In truth it's the sort of one joke shot that The Barron Knights forged a thirty year career out of stretched out to full song length. For my own part I can get a lot of humour out of imagining ladies man Begba now a henpecked husband being led around B&Q on a Sunday by Monica, Sandra, Erica and Rita, each with their own 'to do' list for him. Ears younger than mine will no doubt derive equal pleasure from that faithfully covered Mambo rhythm that now clicks like clockwork and keeps it busy to the end. And when it comes down to it, they are the only ears that count here aren't they?

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