Tuesday, 15 June 2010

2005 Sugababes: Push The Button

I've taken no small pleasure in the jerky, off the wall-ness of Sugababes singles to date, it's been a trademark of unpredictability that's set them apart from the legions of boy/girl bands they jockey for attention with. Cause for concern then when that unpredictability is replaced by a straight pop edge that's almost conservative in comparison? Not really; deceptively simple in its refrigerator hum and toy gun spark, 'Push The Button' finds its groove early then rides it like a rail to the end - you need to be sure of your moves to dance to this one. And though it might lack the angles of old, the low heat simmer of the climb to the implied raunch of the "If you're ready for me boy, you'd better push the button and let me know. Before I get the wrong idea and go, you're gonna miss the freak that I control"chorus is no less a delight. And rare for a genre always keen to push personality over content, the girls forever hover just below the radar and refuse to break cover, opting to keep the tension firmly bottled yet still managing to make that "boy" the best 'female in control' put down since Tanya Donnelly used it with a sneer on Belly's 'Feed The Tree'. Top stuff.

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