Monday, 7 June 2010

2005 Jennifer Lopez: Get Right

Taking its lead from 'Crazy In Love', 'Get Right' builds itself around another 1970's horn riff sample (James Brown's 'Soul Power 74'). Unlike the Beyonce song that knew when less was more, 'Get Right's sample almost becomes the be all and end all of the song, spreading its hard, truncated blare thickly in an endless repetition that, when paired with Lopez's reed thin vocal, manages to exorcise all of Brown's funk. The right frame of mind could take the resultant clatter as a logical dance extension to Jeremy Deller's innovative 1997 'Acid Brass' project.* The wrong frame of mind, however, could see it as just plain irritating. Which means that though Jen and 'Get Right' strive to be edgy, it in fact winds up walking a different edge altogether.

* A musical collaboration with Stockport's Williams Fairey Brass Band that fused a traditional brass band with acid house and Detroit techno. It's well worth tracking down.

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