Thursday, 3 June 2010

2005 Ciara featuring Petey Pablo: Goodies

Sole number one from the 'First Lady of Crunk&B' (though I'm not sure what the competition was like), 'Goodies' is an 'answer song' (or at least a female response) to the rampant sexism of Usher's 'Yeah!' - in place of Usher's machismo, Ciara subverts a genre seemingly based solely on sexuality via a slow burning crunk groove tells those leering lads that they can look but not touch ("Keep on lookin' 'cos they stay in the jar"). More of a mood or lifestyle message of abstinence than anything substantial, 'Goodies' is threaded with a spaghetti western whistle theme as filtered through theremin that's good value, and the descending chorus tune is memorable and pop enough for Lady Gaga to 'borrow' it for her 2009 hit 'Telephone'. And while by no means a singer of distinction, Ciara's limited range plays to its own strengths with a loose limbed, 'Love To Love You Baby'-esque gasp of breathlessness while Petey Pablo's raps spice up what could have become monotony. All of which makes 'Goodies' is a masterpiece of understated economy that, via Ciara's shameless teasing ("I bet you want the goodies.Bet you thought about it. Got you all hot and bothered") shows the bragging boys and their machismo where the power really lies.

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