Tuesday, 22 June 2010

2005 Shayne Ward: That's My Goal

With the finals of TV's 'X Factor' screened each November, by 2005 it had become a hellish tradition that the winner would be 'rewarded' with the previously fiercely contested Christmas number one - Shayne Ward won, Shyane Ward got the prize. Not only that, Ward's debut became the third fastest selling single in the UK. Ever. Which must mean that the 'X Factor' is strong with this one? Well on the evidence of this, then as long as you consider mid period (i.e. not vintage) Elton John as the benchmark for quality then you're in luck; 'That's My Goal' is exactly the kind of vacuous, piano led ballad that John would have taken to number 17 at any point in his career post 1982. Which doesn't make 'That's My Goal' a 'bad' thing, just one that's a tad dull; That's My Goal' is hack work through and through ("Please don't go, you know that I need you. I can't breathe without you, live without you") with a lyric that Ward's own phoned-in brand of doe eyed sincerity barely lifts above parody. "So when I say I love you, I'll mean it forever and ever, ever and ever" - 'That's My Goal' is as perfectly functional and solidly purpose built as a multi- storey car park. Unfortunately, it's got the same amount of personality too.

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