Monday, 15 March 2010

2002 George Harrison: My Sweet Lord

If a wave of sentiment had a hand in pushing 'More Than A Woman' to number one, then it used both along with a good boot in the pants to get this one there - already a number one hit from 1971, 'My Sweet Lord' was re-issued as a charity single following the death of Harrison from cancer in late 2001, meaning that not only was he the second former Beatle to score a posthumous number one, this was the first time two artists had found success from beyond the grave consecutively.

Of the song itself, there's little more I can say that I didn't back on my earlier review (this is a straight re-release with no remixing or embellishing), except to say that in the context of these hard edged years of boy bands and shiny dance tunes, hearing Harrison's song of warm spirituality is like slipping into a warm bath after a hard day. How long has it been since we last heard a guitar on these pages (let alone a slide guitar)? The answer to that is 'too long', and after wading through the rampant swagger of endless "and I swear if you come back in my life, I'll be there till the end of time" and "This memory will last for eternity, and all of our tears will be lost in the rain" mock epic bravado, George and his understated "I really want to be with you" refrain remains unwithered by time and knocks the ball out of the park in the emotion stakes.

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