Sunday, 14 March 2010

2002 Aaliyah: More Than A Woman

Not a cover of The Tavares 1978 disco hit, this 'More Than A Woman' is a prime slice of latter day R&B from the proclaimed "Queen of Urban Pop". In execution, 'More Than A Woman' plays out like (2000 Aaliyah single) 'Try Again' redux, only pimped to the R&B max. Because whereas 'Try Again' clicked with a sparse and understated cool that nagged for your attention, Timbaland's production on 'More Than A Woman' is a breathless rush that crams too much information into too small a place. Instead of carrying her, it lays down an assault course of loops and cuts of clutter and dead ends that give Aaliyah's sweet soprano voice no room to find a fly, free flowing groove. Which was always kind of the point in this genre. With some pruning, 'More Than A Woman' could find its own path to the sunlight, but I'd suggest her tragic death at age 22 some five months earlier contributed more to its success of this than any inherent value - she's done a lot better than this.

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