Wednesday, 5 May 2010

2004 Shapeshifters: Lola's Theme

Another dance/House tune (from England), we've heard so many of these by now that my criteria for rating is based on any spark of creativity or originality that marks it out from the crowd enough for me to enjoy it outside a club setting (that's just my personal checklist mind). As such, 'Lola's Theme' has an inbuilt tension where old school beats and some clumsy retro phasing effects do battle with infectious bursts of live horns and a series of nagging electronic pulse bursts that keep it on the boil. A joyous gospel tinged vocal from Janet ('Cookie') Ramus and a lyric with genuine heart (the "Oh you fired up my heart and made me smile" could be a review of the track all by itself") ultimately seals a comfortable win - just what July ordered.

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