Wednesday, 5 May 2010

2004 McFly: Obviously

From Eddie Cochran eyeing up that "fine looking" girl who was 'Something Else' to Fergal Sharkey's hard to beat teenage dreams, the clash of frustrated teen hormones v the brick wall of the unobtainable female have been a staple theme in rock & roll since records were first pressed. Being a teen led genre then you'd probably expect no less and it all goes to give McFly's tale of lusting after a girl "obviously" out of their league precedence and context. "Recently I've been hopelessly reaching out for this girl, who's out of this world" - well the sentiment is there, but unlike the Cochran and Undertones songs referenced above, their frustrations are presented to us listeners as a bland statement of shoulder shrugging fact in much the same way that I'd state I couldn't run a mile in five minutes. Not that I'd want to run a mile in five minutes mind, but then McFly don't sound too bothered that they're not going to score with the class hottie either. In fact, there's an indifference there that smacks of duty, a statement of rebuttal to a choir of their peers that assures them that, just because they're single, it doesn't mean they're gay. Busted at least had a go at chatting their dream girl up, even if they did crash and burn, and if 'Obviously' had some of their spunk then many of its wrongs would be righted. But in serving it up as the sort of chunky, campfire strum Oasis used to toss off on their B sides, it only pours more cold water on the flames of supposed longing - teenage desire never sounded so frigid, and if McFly can't muster up any enthusiasm then neither can I.

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