Saturday, 1 May 2010

2004 Busted: Who's David?

Third number one for Busted, though the opening bars of detuned guitar could be passed off as latter day Sonic Youth. Couple that with a lyric of common room angst/kitchen sink melodrama straight from The Wedding Present's songbook ("You've always been this way since high school. Flirtatious and quite loud. I find your sense of humour spiteful, it shouldn't make you proud") and a business as usual post punk, new wave blast and the result might be an indie pick and mix that's derivative, retrograde and nothing we've not heard before, but it's a conglomerate with youthful verve and bite enough ("You stupid lying bitch, who's David?") to seal all the joins airtight (and by covering 'Teenage Kicks' on the B side, Busted themselves show they're are savvy enough to be in on their own joke). But apart from that, for my money it shows that, at heart, there's not much in popular music that can beat a classic power trio line-up with something to say and an audience who want to hear it.

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