Wednesday, 7 April 2010

2003 Sugababes: Hole In The Head

Since their first appearance on these pages, I've come to look forward to seeing anything by Sugababes at number one. Upbeat sparks of wired pop to a single, 'Hole In The Head' continues the trend but in place of the resistance laden circuits of old, the current on this takes a more direct route from A to B in setting out the girls' 'fuck you' message to an ex. "But late at night when I'm feeling blue, I'd sell my ass before I think of you" - there's precious little sugar about any of this; it's an 'I Will Survive' with a V sign in place of Gaynor's lengthy explanation and delivered with an icy detachment that's clear a reconciliation will never be on the cards. Unapologetically dismissive, 'Hole In The Head' carries a demeanour that sharpens the edges of what could otherwise have been 'Round Round' lite until it draws blood in its passing (the cold "Erased your number from my telephone" adds a particular latter day sting - presumably it was taking up too much memory). "Seven hours, what you calling for? A bunch of flowers and I slam the door. You're in my face, sorry what's your name? Takes more than begging to reverse my brain" - pity Keisha wasn't there to spit her controlled explosions of danceable attitude in the face of the Take That lads when they came back knocking on 'Babe'. It might have derailed the whole boy band bandwagon before it started properly rolling.

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