Friday, 2 April 2010

2003 Busted: You Said No

Another all male British band with a difference; Busted combine the boyband ethos and image in the classic power trio format and 'You Said No' is a punky, pop blast of pre-teen angst concerning the age old dismay of asking a girl to dance and getting turned down. "The whole world was watching and laughing, on the day that I crashed and burned at your feet" - well we've all been there, but despite the emo guitar punch, the Busted boys don't furrow their brows or break out the suicide pills* but instead take it on the chin like true Brits with the closing "I know I've got something BETTER than you baby" fuck you resilience that youth should display. And that, along with the promotional video that's all stunt bikes and spiked hair, kind of sums up 'You Said No' for me; a song of youth aimed specifically at the young that makes no bones about it and is all the better for it.

* Or, even worse, start listening to Korn.

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