Sunday, 11 April 2010

2003 Busted: Crash The Wedding

Having carved out their own boyband niche, Busted dig themselves in further with another spiky stab of dayglow bubblegum punk. Musically anyway; whereas previous entry 'You Said No' essayed an every adolescent scenario, the stealing the bride from under the groom's nose immorality tale of 'Crashed The Wedding' is a slightly darker, slightly older proposition that's most definitely going to fall outside of the range of experience of your average Busted fan. And what's more, it does its business with a glee of Schadenfreude ("And now we’re back together, as if he never met her. So looking back, I'm glad I crashed the wedding") that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. "Don't waste time being mad at me for taking her away, anyway she didn’t want to stay" - the Busted boys have no apologies and no regrets over what they've done, and while I'm, not going to climb into the saddle of my high horse over the dubious morality of it all, I will say that I find their cartoon metal at odds with more 'adult', grown up theme of the song. It's the classic wanting their cake and eating scenario and it rings a little hollow, but if they don't manage to get the best of both worlds here they still get the best of one; I doubt the average fan is going to play too much attention to the words while they're jumping around to the moshpit Monkees thrash, and 'Crashed The Wedding' is a very good song to jump around to. So no real damage done. It's just that I think they're a band who work best when they're singing about getting dumped by girls at discos. That's all.

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