Friday, 16 July 2010

2006 Orson: No Tomorrow

It would be easy to tag Orson as the American Busted, though while that description gives an idea of the genre they operate in, there was always more bite and a foundation in the poppier end of American Hardcore about them than that (think Green Day or Blink 182). 'No Tomorrow' is a case in point, being a short, sharp slap of contemporary teen hedonism; that title isn't a Sex Pistols "No future" shout of despair but live for the moment call that would have done the Situationists proud. Built around a tight but loose latter period Stones riff (try 1989's 'Terrifying'). 'No Tomorrow's sugar rush gallop might be too much of the Pepsi Max generation for some tastes ("I have a girl who thinks I rock and tomorrow there's no school, so let's go drink some more Red Bull and not get home 'til about 6 'o clock"), but there's snap enough about the no flab racket to make it shine in a genre that, by 2006, was massively oversubscribed.

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