Thursday, 15 July 2010

2006 Chico: It's Chico Time

Well we've had Hammer Time, now 'It's Chico Time'. Who he? Yousseph 'Chico' Slimani was a (non winning) 2005 X Factor contestant drunk on self confidence and the splendour of his own personality with a debut single that's the crudest slice of self promotion since 'Mr Blobby'. And like 'Mr Blobby', 'It's Chico Time' comes shat straight and fun free from the arse end of a pantomime horse onto the platter of a coprophilic public eager to tuck into the latest course of bad light entertainment, this time a platter whisked into a poppy froth by the whirring hyperactivity of a thirty four year old adult whose behaviour in any other context would see him branded a right twat. And rightly so.

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